: I saw your light on. Which isn't that surprising, I mean I know how hard you work.  

Lucas: You know you haven't really been yourself lately Peyton. I mean, not the Peyton I remember.

Peyton: Yeah, well I haven't been that Peyton for three years.

Lucas: What's going on?

Peyton: Kay. I went by my old house. There's a teenaged girl living there now, and she showed me my closet door and you know what that said? Lucas and Peyton, true love always. Always Lucas, that's what we were supposed to have. Until you showed up in L.A. three years ago and ambushed me...

Lucas: If by ambushed you mean proposed to you...

Peyton: Oh yeah! Out of the blue! A proposal that was driven by some insecurity that I have never been able to understand...

Lucas: Insecurity? Right, let me tell you how you get always, Peyton. When a man asks you to marry him, you say yes. You don't say no and call him insecure.

Peyton: I never said no! I said that I loved you and that I did want to marry you someday, and oh god Luke, I wanted you so bad, but you gave up on us.

Lucas: I, I gave up on us?!

Peyton: Yes!

Lucas: By proposing I gave up on us?!

Peyton: No, by not waiting, you gave up on us and you know that's the truth.

Lucas: That's great Peyton! You wanna talk truth?! Let's tell the truth!

Peyton: Okay.

Lucas: You gave up on me, that's why you didn't say yes! You didn't think I could do it. You didn't think I could get my novel published. Maybe you just didn't care, because it wasn't about you or what you wanted.

Peyton: Well if that's the truth, if I never cared... then how come every time I see this stupid book I buy it? Every stupid damn time Luke! You said I was great!

Peyton: You said I could be great!

Peyton: You said we were destined to be together!

Peyton: You said it to the world, you said it to me, and I wish you never had because you did not mean any of it. Oh god.

Lucas: I'm going to go.

Peyton: Okay, you know what, I wanna pay rent, I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'll figure it out, I just... whatever this is I don't feel right about it.

Lucas: It's called me being nice to you.

Peyton: Well it needs to stop.

Lucas: You know, maybe you're right.


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